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Those who say Telegram is the best instant messaging app there is, have their reasons. If you think otherwise, be ready to reevaluate your decision after reading this article. Let me tell you about some Telegram tips and tricks you might not know about.

Telegram offers more than an instant messaging app. Those who know the full functional extent of the app, maximize its usage to suit themselves.

There is a couple of instant messaging app out there. What makes telegram stand out? Let’s figure that out.

Saved Messages and Chatting with yourself.

Telegram saved messages

You read that right, with telegram you can chat with yourself. Feeling bored during the day with no one available to strike a conversation with? Telegram is here for you.

Except that she doesn’t reply back, facetious!!, but it offers you a safe space to pour your thoughts. Here is how it works.

Telegram offers each of its users a chat space known as the saved messages, which lists among your chat list. You can type “saved messages” in the search bar to find it.

This is where all your saved messages from other chats live. In addition, you can open the saved message and type your messages and send them to yourself.

This is saved in the telegram cloud and be access anywhere on any device.

Using Saved Messages as a personal backup space.

Included with messages, you can upload all types of files and documents to be saved in the cloud using your saved messages space.

The interesting thing about it is that it is free and limitless when it comes to storage capacity offered per user, so go on and upload your important telegram for back up.

Secret Chat and Self-destructing messages.

Telegram’s secret chat takes security to another level with the following features;

  • End to end encryption.
  • Leaving no trace on the telegram servers.
  • Message Self-destruct timer.
  • Do not allow forwarding of messages.

For every user in your telegram chat list, a secret chat space can be created. These messages leave no trace at all on the telegram servers.

This is achieved through end-to-end encryption which to me is more like user-to-user encryption.

You can set a timer for every secret chat message you send and such messages will be deleted when the timer is up.

Telegram also doesn’t allow forwarding of secret chat messages to a different user.

Schedule Messages.

A bit of time travel here. Telegram allows users to sent messages to the future with messages scheduling.

A specific date and time can set for when a message should be sent. You do not have to worry about having an internet connection when the message is being sent.

Once you schedule the message, it is saved on the telegram server and delivered at the appropriate time. 

Messages can also be rescheduled to another time in the future before they are sent.

Downloading Movies.

Much like Youtube, telegram also has channels where admins can only post content. As such the availability of movie downloading channels on telegram.

Riding on telegrams offer to allow users to send any file type of any size without compression, these channels upload movies followers to download.

To download a movie from these movie channels you first have to subscribe to the channel. After which you can have access to movies that are usually uploaded and when they are released.

Click here to access some of the best telegram movie channels available. You can also “google” some of them as they make their links available online.

Quick Search for Youtube Videos and Gifs.

Thanks to telegram bots, the app functionality is extended with third-party apps.

Say you send the link of a video to a friend, follow these steps;

  • type “@YouTube” in your typing space,
  • apply a single space and then type the title of the video.

for example, to search for a video of Spiderman on youtube, you will type “@youtube Spiderman

A list of videos will appear concerning the subject you choose and then you can choose from it.

The same procedure applies to the search for gifs; type “@gif” followed by the title of the gif you want to search.

Read Premium Articles on Medium for Free Using Telegram INSTANT VIEW

The instant view feature on telegram which allows blogs to be read right inside telegram. For blogging websites like Medium, you can read premium articles for free using Instant view.

To do this;

  • Send to like to your telegram chat space.
  • An Instant view button would appear underneath the message block.
  • Tap on the instant view button to view the article.

This feature works on a couple of websites and not Medium alone.
Hey, if you are an avid Medium reader with a premium subscription, you can check out this article on How to Read Premium Articles on Medium for Free.

Stop Being Added to Unknown Channels and Groups.

While you can exit groups or channels, Telegram allows you to predetermine whether to be added to a group or channel in the first place or not.

Go to Setting>Privacy and Security>Groups. You can choose to allow only your contacts or specific people within your contacts to add you to groups.

You can also block certain contacts from adding you to groups or channels.

Send Silent Messages

On telegram, you can send messages without receipt notification. This way, the receiver can only see your message when they open the app but won’t get notified.

Telegram brings the receipt notification settings to the sender while this option is only available for the receiver in other apps like WhatsApp.

After typing your message, tap and hold the send button and select send without sound to send a silent message.

Edit Sent Message

Unlike on WhatsApp where typos in messages are permanent unless you delete and resend them, Telegram makes it possible to edit sent messages.

Tap and hold the message block, select edit, and make corrections. However, the message is labeled with the “edited” tag which is visible to the receiver.

Organize Messages with Hashtags

Finding a specific topic being discussed in the chat is another feat by the Telegram IM. With #hashtags, a specific topic becomes searchable allowing users to see all messages relating to that topic in one place.

Group chats on specific topics can be organized using hashtags to allow users to easily follow them.

Slow Mode

Slow mode creates a time interval after which a user can send messages into a group after their last message was sent. This feature is useful in organizing group discussions to prevent unnecessary spamming.

If slow mode is set to 15 seconds, a user can send a message into the group 15 seconds after they sent the last.

Slow mode can be activated in the group permission.

Wrapping up

Hopefully these tips will enhance your use of Telegram. New functionalities are being added to the app. We will update this article as and when they drop.

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