Savefrom tricks – Possibly the fastest way to download videos.

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Savefrom makes downloading videos really easy and fast. There are a number of ways of downloading videos with Savefrom and that is what this article is about.

There are 3 major methods with using Savefrom. We will look at them one by one and then focus a little bit on specific platforms.

There first 2 methods are very easy to do but only work for a very limited number of platforms. The third method works for lots of platfoms. It’s the fastest too, but requires a little bit of setup.

Which platforms can you download videos from with Savefrom.

Most of the major social platforms are supported. Youtube, Soundcloud, Facebook, Dailymotion, etc. Here is an image from the Savefrom website that lists all the supported platforms

savefrom supported platforms

Method 1 – Changing the Url of the video

This works for most of the platforms listed above. But note that it may not work for some videos. This method works both on phone and on PC.

With this method, you simply add a letter or a few letters to the url of the page of the video you are currently on and this should load up the download page on Savefrom.

On Youtube, you simply add double s (“ss”) to the url of the video you are watching. You add this ss just after the “www.” . So that instead of “…”, you now have “www.ssyoutube…”. Then press enter to go.

For a more detailed guidance on how to download videos on youtube using Savefrom, you can check out this article. How to Download A Youtube Video, for Free without Software

On Facebook, you change the url by adding “” before the video url. Note that you have to be on the video’s page. I mean you have to click on the video, to the page where you have only the video and comments.

For a more detailed guide on how to do this, check out this article. The Easiest way to download videos from Facebook and other sites

You can try this method for other platforms and see how well it works.

Method 2 – Pasting the video url directly into Savefrom’s search bar

If you find method one a bit confusing, then this method might be the best for you. This method works on Phone and PC too.

First, click on the address bar and copy the url of the video you are watching.

Go over to and you will find a bar that says “Paste your video url here”. Paste the url you copied there. The video will automatically be loaded in for you. Select the quality and download.

Method 3 – Adding Savefrom helper to as a browser extension.

This method is the fastest among all three but requires a little bit of setup. It also works on most platforms and most available for most mainstream browsers. Unfortunately it’s not available on mobile.

In terms of security, it may not be the best. If this is an office machine or a machine you have too much private data on, I don’t recommend using this method.

Savefrom has been around for quite a while and has earned some trust. But extensions and JavaScript scripts can be a little tricky. I haven’t had the time to go through the script well enough to tell you it’s entirely secure.

Now let’s go through the steps involved. I’m usng Google Chrome for this.

Step 1 – Add MeddleMonkey browser extension. You can go to the Chrome webstore or simply CLICK HERE to add the extension.

Step 2 – Add helper script. CLICK HERE to open the script. Click on “Confirm installation” when the script opens. helper has now been added to your browser. Whenever you go to Youtube and other supported platforms, you will see a download button somewhere on the page.

Downloading any video is as easy as clicking on that button. Here are a few screenshots on how it looks like on various platforms.

Youtube video download
Youtube video donwload
Dailymotion video download
Soundcloud download with Savefrom
Soundcloud audio download

Wrapping Up

I hope you enjoy using Savefrom. Let me know in the comments below your experience with using Savefrom.

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