Quick Fix: Android apps not downloading or Updating on Play store


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Android apps not downloading or updating is a common experience with android users. Sometimes, after exhausting all your solution points, you still might not find a fix.

In this post, I give you a list of solutions to get your apps downloading or updating. Hopefully, you will not exhaust this list before finding your fix.

Check Internet Connection & Storage Space

Google Play Store notifies you when you try to download apps without internet. Sometimes, the internet connection may be available and not strong to initiate download. You might not get a notification for that.

Do check whether your internet connection is available and it is stable enough to start an app download.

Also, check your storage to see if there is enough space to download the app.

Clear app Cache data

Every app on your device accumulate some temporary files over time to improve your user experience(cached data). These files, though helpful, can hinder the performance of your app by preventing updates. Clearing application Cache and data can reinitiate your update.

Follow these steps to clear your cache and data:

1. open settings⚙️ > applications.

2. Select your app > storage and cache.

3. Tap on clear cache.

Repeat this process for the Google Play Store app if download does not start.

android apps not downloading or Updating-clear cache data

Remove & Re-add your Google account to your device.

Google services can prevent you from updating app on your device. Glitches in your account may affect your app update since Google Play Store require a working Gmail account to function.

Follow these steps to remove account:

1. Go to settings⚙️> accounts.

2. Tap on the Google Account available > Remove account.

android apps not downloading or Updating- remove google account

Follow these steps to re-add account:

1. Go to settings⚙️> accounts.

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the account list. Tap on Add Account.

3. Choose Google and re-add your account by following subsequent procedure as presented to you on your device.

android apps not downloading or Updating-add google account

Open the Play Store app and start updating or downloading your app.

Restart your device.

Sometime your device just needs a reboot. Restart your device😊

Download apps through a browser.

1. open any browser on your device preferably Google Chrome.

2. open the play store website at play.google.come.

3. Log in with your google account.

4. Tap on the app you want to download or update. This will automatically open your play store app and start the download.

Check for and update Android System.

Occasionally, all you need to fix this issue may be a security patch away. Security patches are operating system updates sent to your device now and then to improve the user experience.

To check and update android system:

1. Go to setting⚙️> system>system update.

2. Tap on check for update.

3. Install updates if available and proceed to download or update your app.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, one of these solutions fixes your problem. Subscribe to our newsletter down below to be notified when articles are posted.

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