A Compilation of Top sites for downloading resources.

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Downloading stuff can be very annoying despite the availability of so many download sites.

In this article, I’m making a compilation of the top sites that actually work, for downloading anything. I will update this article frequently to include changes to old sites and add new useful sites as well.

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This article is will not teach you in detail the ‘how’ of downloading the resources. For each resource mentioned, I will give you a link to an article that will teach you the ‘how'(if necessary).

For each resource(eg movies), I will give the top 1 or top 2 sites where you can download. I may add a few more sites in case the top ones don’t really work for you.

Most download sites are not very secure. You need to be careful while you use them. Do not click on links that you have no idea where they lead.

Ignore the ads, close or return if the ads open new pages. You can also use ad blockers to block them. Do not be led into downloading 3rd party apps. Some may contain malware.

Torrent sites – The all in one download platforms

Before we go ahead and dive into the individual resources, let’s talk a little about torrents. Torrents or torrenting are a great way to download stuff.

Follow this link to learn more about how to download with torrents. How to use torrents to download movies and other resources, safely.

1. thepiratebay.org – The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is definitely the best in the torrent world. Has had so many issues in the past but is still alive via various domains like thepiratebay.org. You can find any material at all you may want to download over there.

2. 1337x.to

This is another very awesome option for torrents. The interface is very user-friendly and contains a very large number of materials. Definitely deserves the second position.

With torrents, you can download anything at all you can think of – movies, music, software, books, and more. As awesome as torrent sites are, there are a few things you need to know before using them.

Torrent sites are not very safe and are illegal in some countries. They are not allowed on some networks too.

You should always hide your IP address(location) using a VPN when you use a torrent site. Here is a link to our post on VPNs. Privacy on The Internet – How to Get & Use a Free VPN

Top sites for downloading single movies and series

There are way too many movie download sites out there. The majority of them are just annoying to use mainly because of the excessive ads.

You can use ad blockers to block the ads if you find them too annoying. But I prefer to let them be because that’s how those sites make money to maintain their servers.

Some of them just don’t work a lot of the time. If you click on anything on these sites and they open another page or redirect you, close that page or go back to the site and try again. This could go on for up to about 4 times.

Now Here is a list of the top sites that actually work and have fewer ads.

1. lightdl.xyz

You can trust lightdl to bring you a link to download any movie at all in any quality. You can download both singles as well as series from this site.

Make sure you select the kind( Movie, series, etc) from the menu bar before you proceed to the search bar.

2. hdpopcorns.org

HD Popcorns is also a very good alternative for single movies. It has other movies too but does best with single movies. It sometimes goes down but not very frequently.

3. Dailymotion.com

Dailymotion is not a download site per se. It is a streaming site with awesome regularly updated content. But with a little tweak, you can download movies from there. It is best for series.

Check out this article for details. Savefrom tricks – Possibly the fastest way to download videos.

4. ffmovies.ru

Just like Dailymotion, this is also a streaming site. But I’m adding it to the list because it’s awesome. Also, you can download movies from there using a downloader like Eagleget.

Top sites for downloading movie subtitles

1. Opensubtitles.com

A great site for downloading subtitles in various languages. The site has a nice user interface and is very easy to use. You can also find subtitles by simply dragging and dropping the movie file.

2. Subscene.com

Another very good option for downloading subtitles. Has a very simple interface. You can switch to dark mode if the light hurts your eyes.

Top sites for downloading Anime

1. 9anime.to

This site definitely deserves to be at the top. Arguably the most popular in the anime space. Unfortunately, it’s actually a streaming site.

But you can download from there using Videoder, Eagleget or other downloaders. If you find that uncomfortable, then just use option 2.

2. lightdl.xyz

Yes! this is the second time we are mentioning lightdl and it deserves the attention. We may mention it again. To download Anime, select Anime from the menu bar before searching.

3. Torlock.com

Torlock is a torrent site best known for Anime. If you couldn’t find your favorite anime in any of the websites above, you sure can find it on Torlock

Top sites for downloading music and music videos.

Music download platforms are usually not as troublesome as movie sites. Here are our top music download sites.

1. Youtube.com

Youtube is great for music streaming. But with a little tweak can also be great for downloading music. You can also find lyrics to the most popular songs on youtube.

How to Download A Youtube Video, for Free without Software

2. Tubidy.com

tubidy.com is a very old site for downloading music. It’s very easy to use and is still very well being updated with fresh content. You can download all music formats – audio and video.

Top sites for downloading music lyrics

If you are a music lover, you probably like to know the song lyrics as well. Here are our top 2 sites to check out lyrics for your favorite songs.

1. lyrics.com

Lyrics.com has a wide variety of songs uploaded by a very large community. That makes it more likely to find the lyrics of your favorite songs there. It also gives you a quick biography of the author.

2. Songlyrics.com

Yet another great platform to look for song lyrics. With a very large database of song lyrics, you can easily find any song lyrics. They also provide a link to listen to the song on Apple music.

Top sites for downloading software

Let’s be honest. The best way to download most software is to go to the official website of the software provider.

How I would normally do this is to Google like “download chrome” id I want to download Chrome for example. Usually, the first link will be one that comes from the Provider.

If you otherwise want the one place where you can go for all kinds of software, I got you covered. Here are your top sites for downloading software.

1. Filehippo.com

Filehippo is like everyone’s favorite for downloading software. You can find software for platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, and Web.

Be sure to select your platform from the top menu before you go ahead and download it. Otherwise, you could download software for the wrong platform.

2. Softpedia.com

Softpedia is an equally good platform for downloading software. In addition to the platforms mentioned above for Filehippo, you can also find software for Linux OS.

Once again make sure you have selected the right platform before you go ahead and download.

Top sites for downloading books

Books are one of the most difficult materials to find in a downloadable form. But the good news is, they are the easiest to download if you know where to look.

Here are our top sites to download books/e-books.

1. Library Genesis – gen.lib.ruc.ec

This platform has one of the largest collections of books. You can search for books by their name, author, genre, ISBN, etc. The platform is so simple and so easy to use.

All the books are available for free. No registration or logins required.

2. Openlibrary.org

Open Library is a project of the Internet Archive. It contains a very large collection of fo books available for free. Books can be searched by name, author, etc.

Top sites for downloading games

I could tell you about a number of awesome gaming sites. Unfortunately, most of them are premium sites and you have to pay to download and play games.

1. Steam – store.steampowered.com

Steam is an example of a paid gaming site.

2. lightdl.xyz

Lightdl is a good option for downloading PC games for free. Make sure you select games from the top menu before you go ahead and search the game.

3. Zooqle.com

If any of the sites above don’t work for you, then it’s time to use a torrent site. This torrent site is best known for movies.

Wrapping up

I hope you found what you were looking for in this compilation. If there is a particular resource type you would like me to add to the list, do mention in the comments.

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